"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

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What wonderful updates! Thank you Linda!!!!

"You're welcome!" Linda P., Webmaster

Awesome Soup Supper* pictures. Looks like so much fun. The comments about diet and the fly cracked me up!

*2015 Soup Supper and Auction

I visited your website on June 14, 2015 and it is a wonderful website.
I look forward to visiting your church. Thank you and God's Blessings.

Darlene Chase   Arkdale, Wisconsin

Awesome VBS* pictures. Thanks Linda!

 *2014 Vacation Bible School

"You're very welcome!" Linda P., Webmaster

Responses to our Hymnfest service held on Sunday, March 30, 2014:

I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the service and playing - always great to 'Make a Joyful Noise!' Thanks so much for including me in your wonderful group!

My heart was given peace! Thank you!

Wow... Praise The Lord!!!!!! What a Great Service! Yes, very special. Everyone involved did an excellent job. I could see the perfume going up over the church to the THRONE!!"

A seventh grader said, "We should do this in every church service."

At the end of the service I wanted to shout out, 'Just do the whole thing one more time!'

I was moved to tears on several occasions. Thank you.

I never knew this church was out here. Powerful message in word and song.

What an awesome day*! Thanks for posting the happenings. This website ROCKS!

*Sunday, September 8, 2013 - "Drive Your Tractor/Classic Vehicle/Motorcycle to Church" Sunday

This last Sunday* was a wonderful day as we officially became part of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. We are blessed as a church.

*Sunday, February 24, 2013 - LCMS Worship Service and Potluck

Thanks, Linda, for a wonderful job capturing the day!!

From Linda P., webmaster - "You're welcome! It is truly a labor of love."

Just found Alma Boettcher info. My grandmother was Alvina Boettcher, and Alma was connected to her name, but it certainly was not her daughter. Marie and Ethel were her daughters. Alvina was married to Arnie Stone in Mattoon, Wisconsin.

Kay Stone-Zimmerman   Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

(Click HERE to read a previous post regarding the Boettcher family. LP)

It's so wonderful so see your congregation flourishing.

When I was younger, my family and I would visit our relatives, near the Homestead/County Line Supper Club outside of Warrens. All of my visiting uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins would visit the small church that Pastor Klug preached at nearby. I don't recall the name of it, however, I think the old tiny white church building is not there anymore.

Darek, The old tiny white church is still there.. up the hill to the north of our church. LP
CORRECTION: The old tiny white church you are referring to is St. Luke Church, which is no longer there. Thank you, Rhonda L., for giving me the correct information! LP

You're enthusiasm for God's word is very inspiring. It is obvious that God has blessed you in your zeal for Him.

A wise person once told me that God's word is like a nourishing rain cloud that blesses everything underneath it. Sometimes, however the nourishing rain cloud is allowed to move on, and then everything below it withers away.

Take care, and continued blessings to You.

Darek Hartwig   Madison, Wisconsin

As a wife to a called worker/Pastor, it was very refreshing to read your Pastor Appreciation page! Many congregations/members take for granted the position of pastor, and many, many things you listed, often become the cause of a troubled pastor - the gossip, the criticisms, the lack of respect for God's calling. No doubt you love your pastors, you appreciate your pastors - well done! May God bless you through your pastors, and each other.

Thank you for those wonderful, thoughtful words, that I wish I could share with our own congregation, in yet a respectful and Christian manner. Reading those words give me hope, and strength to persevere!

(guest post from North Carolina, after viewing our Pastor Appreciation page of the website - LP)

Awesome job, LP - the pictures are great and what an amazing church family we have!
Such fellowship and camaraderie. We are so blessed to be able to have such a special
family of believers led by our wonderful Pastor.

Thanks be to God!

(guest posted after viewing our "2012 Annual Soup Supper and Auction" page of the website - LP)

What a great site. What a great church! Thanks, LP, for all your work.
I love Jeff's Heisman Trophy pose.

(guest posted after viewing our "2012 Annual Soup Supper and Auction" page of the website - LP)

I do think that sometimes it is necessary for us to walk together and help one
another, and combine our sequence of thoughts about the Lord and how he makes
us strong and we make each other strong...

We learn so much from people that give their lives to help us build ours.. We look at somebody with the dedication, that gives all of their life for us to give for our progression in time for the faith of the lord, and not to be taxed by scripts of routine to weaken of the Lord as he
walks with us.

God Bless You, Pastor Enderle.
Let the Lord take our prayers and give them to you to give to all..

Arnold Armes   Warrens, Wisconsin

Hello! My name is Erica Brauer and I attend Spirit of Life Lutheran Church in Caledonia, Michigan. Mr. Pingel recommended I take a look at the website his wife created for St. Matthew's and I love it! What a beautiful tool both for current members and for outreach. God bless your continued efforts in His name!

Erica Brauer   Caledonia, Michigan

(Erica Brauer is the wife of Pastor Bart Brauer of 'Spirit of Life Lutheran Church' in Caledonia, Michigan.
Our daughter Sarah and her family attend this church.    Linda Pingel, Webmaster)

Today was our first time attending Sunday service at St. Matthew's Church. Thank you for greeting us and making us feel welcome! The congregation was warm and friendly and we look forward to coming back. Thank you!

Andrea Sorenson   Tomah, Wisconsin

I enjoyed visiting your church today and hearing the Word from a clear Lutheran witness. Thanks so much for the worship opportunity.

It is really nice to see how my old church has grown. I was baptized there in 1920 and confirmed in 1933 or 34. My aunt Alma Boettcher was organist then. While Pastor Glaeser was in Tomah, my grandfather, Herman Gehrke, would conduct services when the pastor was unable to make it to Kirby.

Both sides of my family, Gehrke's and Boettcher's, were members. My parents were married there. I am now 90 years old, live with my daughter, and remember having to sit with my mother on the woman's side of the church. Men and women could not sit on the same side. Services were conducted in German.

I thank the Lord for keeping St. Matthew's and the congregation in His Grace.

God Bless you all.

Helen Boettcher McFadden   Sierra Vista, Arizona

God Bless the family of believers at Saint Matthew.

Kevin B., Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Fine website ! Great memories ! Thank you !

Paul Eberhart, Bloomington, Minnesota, son of Albert Eberhart, pastor '47-'48

Grandson of Erdman Pankow, was glad to read about him. His son Eugene was my dad.  

Jerome F. Pankow   Slidell, Louisiana

What a wonderful fellowship you have created within your church. An example to all! We are certain our Lord is smiling on your Christian community and each of your members. How refreshing to witness the "little Kirby Church" grow and flourish!

I came to church Easter Sunday for breakfast and the church service. It is going to be a beautiful church! Everyone made me feel very welcome and I truly enjoyed being there. My son even gave me a tour of the rest of the facility. I see my grandson's photo is on your website, which is pretty cool! Your website is awesome!

I am the son of Gerhard Geiger who served as pastor in Kirby. I am currently serving Great Plains Lutheran High School in Watertown, South Dakota as its development director after serving a pastor almost 30 years in Belmont, California. Having some special memories of our years in Kirby, I look forward to reconnecting with the congregation and perhaps a few of the older folks who still remember the 40's.

May the Lord continue to bless the congregation as it shares the wonderful message of God.  

Gerald Geiger   Watertown, South Dakota

Wonderful church! God bless!  

Paul R.   Pasadena, California

I was pleased to see that your church has preserved its history. I have been doing some genealogical research and was pleasantly surprised to see some photographs of my relatives. Blessings to your church.    

Justin Pankow   Kountze, Texas

I love watching the new pictures of the building project as it progresses! Very up-to-date, and very nice close-ups so we can really see what's going on.

Thank you for having a web site to view. My husband and I are searching for a new church to worship at. Rhonda J. was kind enough to pass the site on to me.

Thank you and God Bless.

What a wonderful site. Every time I visit there is something new.

I first noticed your website as it was highlighted on the WELS site. And I have to say I was impressed by your work. It's refreshing and different than most of our WELS churches websites. I like your different areas that you cover. Keep up the good work! One constructive help though: You have too many pictures of Pastor Enderle.

(P.S. I'm kidding-- I know Pastor Enderle!)

Again keep up your good work!  

Pastor Jim Bartz   Eau Claire, MI

Hello, Pastor Enderle!

Excellent website! I really appreciate the easy-to-navigate web page. The pictures of you with the kids in the children's devotion emphasizes the "family friendly" atmosphere of your church. We used to worship at St. Matthew's for years when we stayed at our family's cabin a few miles outside of Warrens. I don't get down to the cabin much on weekends (I too am a WELS pastor), but when we come over the summer, we will try to look you up. You may remember me--I was one of your RAs during your Quartaner year at Prep.

God's blessings on your ministry and on your people!  

Reverend James D. Weiland   Merrill, WI

Great Website! I am going to have to come back and visit, the resource page is great!  

Angela N.   Calgary, Alberta Canada

Love the new snowflakes on the homepage! Awesome job!

(winter months only - LP)

What a lovely place to visit! Nice website!

Thanks webmaster for capturing the joy of this church and the exuberance of this fellowship. You do an awesome job serving the Lord by serving others in this capacity.

Thanks to our webmistress for an awesome site. Thank you dear Lord for her. Love the pictures and history.

What an awesome Fall Fest Congratulations to the Kortbeins on their 50th and thanks to them for a great feast.

Thanks to the choir and the bell ringers and the quartet, and to Wendysue. Thanks to Pastor and Mrs. Enderle for all the work they do.

May God continue to bless them all.

Thank the Lord our maker for the families of believers that provide a website like yours. At Saint Matthew's I always like to know what our fellow WELS churches are up to since, I'm WELS myself. Look forward to seeing you all in eternity.

In Christ's everlasting love for sinners and God bless your pastor and your congregation.

Awesome website -- something new every time I look! I love how many pictures there are of the people and events. It shows what a great fellowship there is at St. Matthew, and how the members truly are "full of joy in the Lord"! The Lord is blessing us all, members, friends, and community, through this congregation. I can't wait to see what He has in store for us next!!

I think St. Matthew's ROCKS! Thanks for letting our youth group from South Dakota stay at your church. St. Matthew's will be in my prayers during this "exciting" time of expansion both physically (with the new building) and spiritually (Proclaiming Christ Crucified for us sinners).

I haven't been on here for a few weeks and you are doing just an incredible job. Wonderful!

Thanks for just an awesome website. It's so great because you capture the joy of the church through your images posted.

Keep up the great work!

What a great summary in pictures of our fundraising weekend! Thanks! It's great being a part of this church!

great site

I have lived in this area for over 15 years and I have just now found out about this church. The Word is preached. My own failures are seen. The Gospel is proclaimed. God's people are built up. Thank you St. Matthew - thank you Jesus!

Congratulations on a very well designed and executed site. I appreciate especially the clear, - and brief - and discriminating statements regarding purposes and work parameters. I am going to recommend our people take a look at your work.

Thank you, children one and all! Thank you, Julie, for directing! This is one of the most memorable services I have ever attended. It truly makes me think that worship is for everyone, especially when we allow others to add to the service. It really doesn't make a difference how big or small we are, how young or old we are. We all have some way or some thing we can offer to show our love and our gratitude for what Jesus has done for us. A thank you to everyone at St. Matthew's for knowing that we all need to be connected to Jesus with our involvement in this church. There is room for everyone to participate!

It's so exciting to see the new stained glass windows in the church! They look so beautiful, and really brighten up the building again. The scenes of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection are especially fitting for this time of year, as we're pondering God's great love for us!

Thanks for all your work on the website, LP! Everything looks great. What a blessing it is for all of us to be a part of St. Matthew church.

Very good job on the website!

The new replaced stained windows are just beautiful. Not only inspirational but it sure brightens up the church.....no more wood and plastic and cold! Just in time for Easter.

Just a huge thank you for those individuals who help create a musical worship experience for us each and every service. I think there is a kind of passion being passed around because I think the whole congregation is acting like a choir. Amazing worship and incredible singing. Thank you for making my worship so meaningful.

Love the devotional moments during Lent. Talk about poured on blessings......how about those Enderles!!!

I don't know who is doing your website but I think it is just awesome and timely. I really appreciate the updatedness when it comes to choir. I hope everyone realizes what a gift this is to the church.





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