"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

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AED First Response Defibrillator

Special thanks to Heartners for purchasing an AED (Automatic External Defibrillators) First Response Defibrillator for the church. It is located just to the right inside the doors to the Fellowship Hall above the fire extinguisher. For those who are trained in its use, please familiarize yourself with its location.

Help Needed


If you would be willing to participate in the Sunday service as a Lay Reader, please see Don Roach.


The church could use a few volunteers to run the Power Point on Sunday morning.
Time commitment is just for the Sunday morning worship.

If interested/able, talk to Pastor Enderle.

Missing Kitchen items?

Are you missing any pans, dishes, cups, etc.?

Check the back counter in the kitchen for items that may have
left behind. Unclaimed items will eventually be donated.

Treats for Sunday Morning

We could use some more cookies for our Sunday morning treats.
Please bring your packaged cookies on Sunday morning.
OR... bring something we could freeze for use at a later date.

Thanks! to the generous bakers who have given of their time and talent
to bring in treats to share on Sunday morning!

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 ACTIVITIES/EVENTS (listed in chronological order)

Thanksgiving Eve

A Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service will be held on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 6:30pm.
There will be no Catechism class or Ignite that evening.

Care Packages for College Students

Is your son or daughter away at college? We would love to send them a care package for Christmas! Call the church office or e-mail Sheryl by Monday, November 27, 2017 with their address.

Mitten Tree

Give the gift of warmth this season - bring hats, mittens, scarves and socks to the mitten tree in the narthex by December 4. Items will be dispersed locally in time for Christmas.

Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

Saturday, December 9, 2017
11:00am - 9:00pm
Walmart, Tomah

On Thanksgiving weekend, volunteers will be at various locations around Tomah collecting donations for the Salvation Army. This year St. Matthew Church will volunteer for one day - Saturday, December 9, 2017 - at Walmart from 11:00am until 9:00pm. Eighty-eight percent of the money collected remains in Monroe County. Remaining funds help millions of people nationwide recover from disasters of all kinds.

Sign-up sheet in the narthax.

Children's Christmas Program

Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Activity Bags

ACTIVITY BAGS are available (in the narthex) for use during the Worship Service.

Please be sure to return the bags to the basket at the end of the service!

Catechism Classes/Confirmation

Catechism Class meets every Wednesday evening (during the school year) at 7:15pm.

For more information regarding catechism and confirmation, click HERE.

To view the Confirmation Class of 2017 group photo and read their essays, click HERE.

To view Confirmation Class photos from previous years, click HERE.

Nursery Care

Staffed nursery is available during the Sunday worship service.

The nursery is located to your right as you walk into the facility.
Go through the door to the classrooms. The nursery will be the first door on your left.

Anyone interested in staffing the nursery for worship, please see the sign-up
sheet in the cafe. All young people are invited to serve in this area.

Operation Christmas Child

A small shoebox can have a big impact. What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal. Be a part of changing children’s lives all over the world in Jesus’ name through the power of a simple gift with Operation Christmas Child.

The Operation Christmas Child collection box is in the narthex ready to be filled with your donations! The packing party will be Wednesday, November 8 at 7:15 pm. Needed items include non-liquid hygiene items, school supplies, small toys, accessories such as t-shirts, socks, hats and sunglasses; all small enough to fit in a shoebox. We also need more shoeboxes! For more ideas of what and what not to donate, check online at Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child. We also need $9 per shoebox to help pay shipping costs.

For more information and updates about what we as a church are doing, click HERE.


Click HERE to go directly to Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child website.

Strong Roots for Tender Shoots

Young families of St. Matthew Church will soon be receiving something special in the mail! Every six months until they're 4 years old, children who are baptized at St. Matthew will be sent a small book or music CD to help them learn about Jesus' great love for them. Included in each mailing is a flyer for the parents with helpful tips on parenting for the age of their child.

We start training our children from early on about what foods to eat, how to use good manners, what to do to stay safe, and so on, because we know if we repeat those lessons early and often, that's how they'll learn. Certainly we want to do the same with the most important knowledge of all, the one thing that will affect our children's eternity! Regular church attendance, family devotions and prayers, and frequent sharing of Bible stories and songs are some great ways to accomplish this. "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6

Please keep these families in your prayers, that they will be strengthened and encouraged in the great responsibility and privilege of caring for these little ones!

Sunday School

Sunday School meets every Sunday morning following the sermon.

Sunday School is geared for children in Pre-K through 6th grade.

As always, Sunday school teachers and children will be dismissed before the closing prayer
and final hymn of each Sunday Worship Service.

From Abbey Rose:

The 'Cereal' series has been a fun and creative way for our kids to learn of God's Word. There have also been lots of tasty treats. I would like to remind parents that all children 3K to 6th grade are invited to attend, members and visitors.

Also, remember Christmas is just around the corner, and preparation for the annual Christmas program is in the works! The Children's Christmas Program will be on Sunday, December 17, 2107 in the 9:15am service.

For more information about Sunday School, click HERE.

Youth Group

Youth Group (high school age children - 9th grade and up) meets every Wednesday evening at 7:15pm.
St. Matthew Church offers Kwik Trip Scrip Gift Cards
as a way to raise funds for our Youth Group.

For every $100 of Scrip gift cards purchased through this program, the
Youth Group will receive $10. The money you pay for the card is the
actual value you receive
, unlike most fundraisers. The gift cards can be
used for gasoline, diesel, or any merchandise or food in the store.


Click HERE to read about our Youth Director, Jenny Betthauser!


Ignite is the new 9th through 12th grade youth group at St. Matthew Church!

Come join Youth Director Jenny Betthauser as we light a fire for God through fun events and outings, relaxation time
to study His word, prayer and discussions about what's going on in your lives.


Come ignite the light inside of you!!

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Hand Bell Choir

Hand Bell Choir meets every Monday evening at 6:30pm.

More people are needed for St. Matthew's new hand bell choir. Come join the fun!
Bring a friend! Experience is not needed.

For more information, contact Vincent Rowan at church or at (608) 372-5168.


St. Matthew Church Multi-Generational Orchestra



Bring your instruments. Bring music stands if you have them.

WHEN? Sunday in the Church Sanctuary following the service.

Call Mary Jo Hill at (608) 374-7355, (608) 343-5656 or e-mail her at maryjo@wifirstchoicerealty.com.

Women's Choir

Women's Choir meets the first Sunday morning of the month at 8:30am in the Fellowship Hall.

We will meet one Sunday of the month (usually the first) at 8:30am, practice that morning and sing in that service.
Hopefully this changed schedule will allow more people to commit to singing.

If you have any questions, contact Pastor Enderle or Mary Jo Hill.

For more information about Choir, click HERE.
Mary Jo Hill (608) 374-7355, (608) 343-5656 or e-mail maryjo@wifirstchoicerealty.com

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Board of Directors

Next Meeting: TBA

Board of Elders

Next Meeting: TBA

Friends In Deed

When tragedy strikes in the form of a tornado, fire or flood, we as a church want to be able
to assist not just members, but everyone who needs help in our community, as best as we
are able. The primary purpose of the group is to provide manpower in helping families
during times of physical need.

There are many ways in which we could help. We could provide a cooked meal, help clean up
fallen trees or board up windows after a storm. These are just a few examples. Our goal is to
show Monroe County that St. Matthew Church cares and is willing to help ease their sudden burden.

If you are interested in being on the volunteer list, please contact Dale Chitwood at (608) 378-3057 or dalechitwd@centurytel.net.

Greeter and Treater Program

GREETERS: We are looking for individuals who would be interested in serving as Sunday
Morning Greeters. The job is pretty simple - hand out bulletins and say a warm welcome as people
come to worship.

TREATERS: For those that enjoy something sweet in the morning, we are looking for Sunday
Morning Treat Bringers.

SUGGESTION: For those of you who love to bake, consider baking treats ahead of time and freezing.
If you would like to contribute treats, just wrap the container tightly, label and place in one of the freezers in the kitchen.

We could use some more cookies for our Sunday morning treats.
Please bring your packaged cookies on Sunday morning, or bring something we could freeze for use at a later date.

To help keep our facility stay clean, please exercise caution and discretion when bringing refreshments
into the sanctuary. Let's not put into practice the words of Psalm 23:5: "My cup runneth over"!

Long Range Planning Committee

Next Meeting: TBD

Contact Person: Eric Prise

Support Group

Support Group meets every Sunday evening at 6:30pm.

St. Matthew Church has begun a support group for drug and alcohol addiction.

If you know anyone who might be interested, contact Pastor Enderle.
Interested parties do not need to be members of St. Matthew Church.


If you, your family or group would like to help out with ushering on Sunday,
please contact Don Roach at (608) 378-3110 or (608) 343-5256.

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Card Center and Book Nook

The Card Center and Book Nook is a place to pick up some Christian cards, Bible study material, Bibles and other items. It's not designed to make a profit - rather just to make some Christian material available. Would you like to see it stocked with something? Or would you like a special Bible or hymnal ordered? Just let Pastor Enderle know and hopefully we can get it for you.

Check out the selection of Birthday, Encouragement, and Sympathy cards from Current, Inc.! There are also a few new pieces of pewter jewelry in great contemporary styles. Already on hand were Birthday, Encouragement, Sympathy, Get Well, Praying for You, Wedding and Anniversary, Thank You, Graduation, Christmas, and blank cards, Bibles, Bible reading aids, and several other gift items.

New selection of greeting cards and small gift items. Also available are stickers, magnets, bookmarks, notepads and stone coasters, for yourself or a friend!

The Book Nook is on the right-hand bookshelf in the narthex; envelopes are provided
in a basket for your payment.

Children's Books

Check out the set of children's books in the church library. Through a generous donation, St. Matts will acquire a set of children's books (geared for kids ages 5-10) in the coming months. The books, by Rick Tancreto, are entitled "Hang on to Jesus! Adventures." Join Dee Dee and Rick as they go on amazing adventures with Jesus as their guide.

"Happy Times"

"HAPPY TIMES", a monthly publication, is available for children and parents of young children, is available in
the narthex. Feel free to take home and share with others.

Lutheran Witness

LUTHERAN WITNESS, a monthly devotional and inspirational publication, is available in the narthex.

Portals of Prayer

PORTALS OF PRAYER, a three-month daily devotional, is available in the narthex.

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Electronic Fund Transfer

St. Matthew Church is offering electronic fund transfer for your offerings to support the ministry of St. Matthew Church.

Forms available in the church office.

Questions? Call Kristi Holthaus at (608) 378-5552 or the church office.


Sign up to receive church information via e-mail. It's free!

In an effort to keep everyone informed, communication about church events and activities are now being
sent out via e-mail.

FYI: E-mail addresses will remain confidential. All e-mails will be sent BCC

Definition of BCC: In the context of e-mail, blind carbon copy (abbreviated BCC and sometimes referred to as Blind Courtesy Copy) refers to the practice of sending a message to multiple recipients in such a way that what they receive does not contain the complete list of recipients.


If you have any information you'd like to pass along or know of someone who would like to be added to the
weekly e-mail list, please contact Sheryl Kolb at the church office at 378-3233 or e-mail her at skolb@stmatthewsonline.org.

If you would like the e-mail announcements in LARGE PRINT, please let Sheryl know.

Online Security

From Linda P., St. Matthew Church Webmaster

We are members of the Oakdale Electric Cooperative, and receive their monthly Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News magazine. An article in the September 2014 edition caught my eye. The article is titled, "Online Security in the Internet Wild West" and is extremely informative. In this day and age of identity theft through technology, online security is extremely important!

Please take a few minutes to read the article, and as a bonus, you will also find updated information about the Wisconsin "Do Not Call" Registry.


Another article of interest concerning Identity Theft:


St. Matts is on FACEBOOK!

ConnectIf you are one of the millions of Facebook users, check out our page at

OR at the top of YOUR Facebook page, type in "St. Matthew Church".

Next time you log into Facebook, feel free to "LIKE" us! Be sure to "SHARE" our page with your family and friends!


If you would like to see a personalized birthday greeting for your child or grandchild on the church sign when
they come to church, contact Pastor Enderle a week in advance.

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Heartners (Ladies' Aid)

Heartners (Ladies' Aid) is usually held on the second Thursday of the month.

For more information about Heartners, click HERE.

Ladies' Night Out

Ladies' Night Out is usually held on the third Monday of the month.

Click HERE for more information about LNO.

NOTE: During the summer, please check announcements (bulletins, newsletter, weekly e-mail, website)
as some of the LNO gatherings may be breakfast instead of an evening meal.

Loving Hands

Do you KNIT or CROCHET??? If not, would you like to learn how???

The “Loving Hands” knitting and crocheting group usually meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month
at 10:15am in the Fellowship Hall

If interested, please contact Sheryl Kolb at the church office (608) 378-3233 for more information.

For more information about Loving Hands, click HERE.

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Bible Study - Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Bible Study meets weekly in the Fellowship Hall at 10:30am.

For more information, click HERE.

Bible Study - Thursday Morning

Thursday Morning Bible Study meets weekly in the Fellowship Hall at 9:00am.

For more information, click HERE.

Bible Study - Thursday Afternoon

Thursday Evening Bible Study meets weekly in the Fellowship Hall at 4:30pm.

For more information, click HERE.

Bible Study - Small Group

Would you like to participate a small group Bible study? 

Contact Pastor Enderle for more information if interested.

Church Picture from St. Luke

The painting at the front of the sanctuary at St. Matthew Church is the painting that hung in the front of St. Luke Church.
The date on the picture is 1911 and according to tradition was commissioned by the congregation.
It is a beautiful picture of the Ascending Christ. To view a photo of the painting, click HERE


Communion is usually held on the first Sunday and Wednesday of the month.

Display Cases

On your way out of church, please take the time to check out the display cases in the narthex.

The cases are used to display historical items from St. Matthew, St. Luke, St. John and St. Mark.

Stained Glass Windows

The original memorial plaques that were by the windows in the old church
plus new plaques designating that the windows were restored by members of
St. Matthew have been placed by the windows in the sanctuary and narthex.

Click HERE to view photos of the stained glass windows.

Time of Grace

Can't make it to church on Sunday morning? Tune in to "Time of Grace" on WKBT CBS 8 La Crosse
at 7:00am. This is a great ministry (since 2001) that is impacting hearts and lives!

For more information regarding Time of Grace, visit their website at http://www.timeofgrace.org/.

Worship - Sunday morning

Our Sunday morning Worship Services are held at 9:15am.

Click HERE to read more about our Worship Services.

Worship - Wednesday evening

Besides Sunday morning, Worship Services are held every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.

Click HERE to read more about our Worship Services.

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 ... and more!


Would you be interested in purchasing a banner in memory of a loved one?

There are many banners available and best of all, the price is surprisingly inexpensive.

If interested, please speak to Pastor Enderle or Sheryl Kolb.

Bible Emergency Numbers

You may have seen this on our Facebook page recently or elsewhere.

Why have one?

This little handy-dandy card tells you where to go in the 
Bible to get some help with what you may be going through.

To get your own, click HERE for the pdf file which includes 4 cards per printout.
(cardstock is recommended)

To view a full-size card, click HERE.


In the event of the cancellation of Sunday worship or other church activities or events, please listen to radio stations WCOW (97.1), WTMB (94.5) or WXYM (96.1). There will also be a notice posted on our website, www.stmatthewsonline.org or check www.wkbt.com. Cancellations will also be recorded on the church
answering machine (608 378-3233) and an e-mail will be sent to those on our e-mail list.

This would be a great time to be added to the e-mail list. Click HERE to sign up!

Evolution vs. Creation

Is Creation a viable model of origins in today's modern scientific era?

The February 2014 debate between Bill Nye (the science guy) and Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum, is on DVD.

Ask Pastor Enderle or Sheryl if you'd like to borrow the copy from the church's library.

Hospital Visits

If you are sick and in the hospital and would like the pastor to visit, please call the church office.

The HIPPA laws prohibit hospitals from contacting churches.

So if you don't call, the pastor won't know!

"Milk Moola" - Donuts to Dough



St. Matthew is participating in the MILK MOOLA & DONUTS TO DOUGH redemption program.

For more information regarding this program, click HERE.

Ministry to the Armed Forces

Since the Civil War, LCMS pastors have served as military chaplains. Today, the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod's Ministry to the Armed Forces supports 173 chaplains. Among these chaplains, 70 are active duty LCMS chaplains and 80 are serving Reserve and National Guard units.

Two of the Ministry Programs are:

    Operation Barnabus


To read more about the these programs, the LCMS - Ministry to the Armed Forces,
or to find other resources or even how YOU can help, click HERE.

Prayer Requests

Do you have a prayer request?

For yourself or for someone else?

Let your St. Matthew Church family help.

To request a prayer or prayers, contact Pastor Enderle and he will encourage the
members of St. Matthew to remember you in their prayers.

PLEASE NOTE: Any private information will be kept confidential at your request.

For more information, including contact information, click HERE.

St. Matthew Wear

St. Matthew T-shirts are available for purchase.

The message on the back of the shirt, "BE THE CHURCH" is a wonderful reminder for all of us that going to
church is also part of showing our faith to others, by "BEING" the church.

The t-shirts are available in red or light blue and in all sizes. Price is $11.00.

See Sheryl Kolb or Katherine Enderle for more information or to purchase a shirt.

Transportation Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for individuals willing to pick up and take home 1-3 residents of Agape Acres each Sunday
morning for church services.

Agape Acres is an assisted living facility located about 2 miles behind St. Matthew Church.

If you can help out or for more information, please contact Pastor Enderle.

Wanted: Ancestry Information

From time to time, we receive requests for information about relatives who served or attended
St. Matthew Church. Those requests are now being posted on the "Wanted" page of this website.
Click HERE to view or click on "Wanted" on the menu bar to the left

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 COMMUNITY (listed in chronological order)

Deer Hide Collection

The Wisconsin Lions Foundation can put your deer hides to good use.

You can help by donating your deer hides. Since 1956 Wisconsin Lions Camp has been dedicated to providing a quality camping experience for Wisconsin youth and adults with disabilities. Money raised from the Deer Hide Collection goes directly to the Lions Camp to help serve others.

Please help by donating your deer hides. Thank you!



November 2017

Warrens Community Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Warrens Lions Log Cabin

If you wish to make a dessert, it can be taken to the Log Cabin on that morning or dropped off at Mike and Mary Clark's home.

Holiday Parade

Friday, November 24, 2017

beginning at 7:00pm

The theme of this year's Holiday Parade is "Jingle All The Way".

Parade registration forms can be obtained online at www.tomahwisconsin.com or at the Tomah Chamber of Commerce office at 310 N. Superior Ave., Tomah.

For more information or if you have any questions, call the Tomah Chamber of Commerce at (608) 372-2166.

Blood Drive

DATE: Thursday, November 30, 2017

TIME: 12:00 - 6:00pm

LOCATION: Tomah Memorial Hospital, 321 Butts Ave., Tomah DIRECTIONS

BloodCenter of Wisconsin officials are asking area residents to help meet demand by donating blood at Tomah Memorial Hospital Thursday, November 30, 2017. Officials say during the holidays, donations decline, but the need increases.

To donate, a person must be in good health, at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds and have photo identification. Sixteen-year-olds may donate with parental consent. Forms are available at Tomah Memorial, and online with the Blood Center of Wisconsin at www.bcw.edu.

Sign up for the drive at www.bcw.edu/tomahhospital or call 374-6605. Walk-ins are welcome.


December 2017

Tomah Hospice Love Light

Sunday, December 3, 2017

6:30 - 8:00pm

Tomah Memorial Hospital

Tomah area residents can remember a family member or friend during a special holiday event scheduled at Tomah Memorial Hospital. The annual Tomah Memorial Hospice Touch “Love Light Tree” ceremony will be held December 3, 2017 at 6:30pm at Tomah Memorial Hospital.

The program includes inspirational readings and songs plus the public reading of names of area residents who have passed away. Residents can have names added to the Love Light list by purchasing an individual “Love Light” or a “String of Lights”. The contribution for a single light is $5 or $25 for a string of lights.

Love Light purchase forms are available at Tomah Memorial Hospital, the Hospice Touch / Life Choices Palliative Care offices at 601 Straw Street in Tomah and Phillip's Pharmacy in Tomah.

Download a form by clicking HERE.

Lights should be ordered by November 27, 2017 to be included in the Tomah ceremony.

Additional information about the event can be obtained by contacting Hospice Touch at (608) 374-0250.



Alzheimer's Disease - Free Helpline for Questions

The Alzheimer's Association offers a free, 24-hour, even-day-a-week helpline where trained professionals
are able to answer questions about Alzheimer's disease, caregiving or brain health no matter the day or time.

The Association's 24/7 Helpline connects callers to information and support whenever they need
it and can be reached at 1-800-272-3900.

Callers will receive:

  • Confidential care consultation from professional clinicians who can help with decision-making support,
    crisis assistance and education on issues families face every day.
  • Referrals to local community programs, services and ongoing support.
  • Assistance in a caller's preferred language. The helpline staff is able to respond to inquiries in 140
    languages using bilingual staff and a language translation service.

The 24/7 Helpline is a partnership between the Alzheimer's Association national office and participating local Alzheimer's Association chapters across the country.

Brighter Tomorrows

Sparta/Tomah, Wisconsin
608-269-7853 or 608-374-6975 crisis
888-886-2327 toll-free crisis
608-269-7853 or 608-374-6975 business

24 Hour Crisis or help line
Transitional Housing
Crisis Intervention and Counseling
Sexual Assault Services
Support Groups for Victims - Women
Support Groups for Victims - Men
Support Groups for Victims - Children
Support Groups for Older/Elder Victims
Disability Access
Interpreter services
Legal and personal advocacy
Community education

Deaf Bible Study

Do you know of someone who is deaf or hard of hearing?

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, a sister congregation in Onalaska, holds a Deaf Bible Study every third Friday of the month.

The evening begins at 6:00pm with a potluck dinner. Bring your own beverage.

Pastor John Reinke is the instructor.

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
1215 Redwood
Onalaska, WI 54650

NOTE: The church is very easy to find. Take the exit for the Menards on Sand Lake Road.
At the stop sign, turn LEFT. As your driving, the church will be on the first road on your left. DIRECTIONS

If you have any questions, you can contact Pastor Reinke at Revreinke@yahoo.com,
or Theresa Lewis at rose2197@gmail.com.

Food Pantry - "Neighbor for Neighbor"

"Providing food to the hungry with compassion and respect"

Neighbor for Neighbor, Inc. is a non-profit food pantry located and serving the needy in eastern Monroe
County. Through the love and generosity of businesses, organizations, and individuals, they have been in operation for more than 30 years.

Canned Vegetables, Fruits and Meats
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Soups and Stews
Pasta, Rice and Beans
Pancake Mix and Maple Syrup
Personal Items: Shampoo, Toothpaste, etc,
Laundry Detergent, Toilet Paper
Help distribute food
Unload trucks
Sort food
Restock shelves
Pick up donated food from retailers
Office/computer work
Drive our refrigerated truck (CDL license required)
Food and monetary donations can be dropped off during pantry hours, office hours or by appointment.
Monetary donations can also be mailed to the pantry address.
Mondays and Fridays
1:00pm - 3:30pm
2nd and 4th Wednesdays
3:30pm - 6:00pm
Monday through Friday
9:00am - noon
(for questions and donations)
Neighbor for Neighbor, Inc.
1118 W Veterans St
Tomah, WI 54660
608 372-6737
Website: nfnfoodpantry.org
E-mail: nfnfoodpantry@centurytel.net
Facebook: facebook.com/nfnpantry

Heat Up Wisconsin

New furnaces for families in need

Every fall, Lennox dealers in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula install 100 brand-new, high-efficiency furnaces for FREE to families in need. This program began in 2010, and has installed hundreds of furnaces, providing more than $1.3 million in support!

They are accepting applications now for installations this fall. If you know of anyone in need, please take time to fill out an application form and nominate that person.

More information is available on the Heat U.P. Wisconsin web site: www.heatupwisconsin.com including applications.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lennox using their Contact Form at http://www.heatupwisconsin.com/contact-us.


First Tuesday of each month


Tomah Memorial Hospital (classroom) 321 Butts Ave., Tomah DIRECTIONS

The Parkinson's Support Group meets the first Tuesday of each month to provide support for patients and family members, treatment options and a social hour.

The tremors and rigidity of Parkinson’s disease can make everyday tasks, from holding and dialing a telephone to opening doorknobs and typing on a computer, difficult. Aids are available to customize assistance to meet a person’s specific needs.

For more information: contact TMH speech pathologist Kristen Gerke at (608) 374-6602 or hospital outreach health educator Whitney Sanjari at (608) 374-0211.

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Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder
and your hand over my mouth. Amen!




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